Employment Success Stories

Котляр Людмила

Ludmila Kotlyar, Johnson&Johnson Russia, designer

Maria Gataulina, HR specialist, tells: “At first Ludmila felt unaccustomed: there were many new people, new environment and a different pace of life. However, she quickly became a part of the team and got to know everyone. Now Ludmila feels and behaves in a more relaxed fashion. Luda also attends corporate events, celebrations and is an active participant in company’s life. In its turn her arrival to Johnson&Johnson has influenced people who work there. They have become more attentive; they see and understand Ludmila’s need for communication and attention”.
Селин Вадим

Vadim Selin, Johnson&Johnson, IT department specialist

Vadim tells: “I can be proud of the fact that I got into such a respectable corporation literally right after my graduation. At my workplace the team met me kindly and helped me to adjust. Here no one makes a big problem from me being deaf; all tasks and instructions I receive in writing via a computer network.”
Сухарева Ксения

Ksenia Sukhareva, ViVaki Russia HR department coordinator

Ksenia graduated from the Faculty of Psychology with distinction. Since her 3rd year at university, she wanted to work in the HR department of an international company. Under her belt she already had four years in the field of employment assistance for people with reduced capabilities and a postgraduate course “Human Resources management”. She has looked for the job of her dream for a long time, and owing to her perseverance and assistance of ROOI Perspectiva and the “Everybody is different, all are equal” project, she managed to find it. Natalia Isakovskaya, Deputy Director General of the HR department: “Our employees with reduced capabilities do not only work hard. They serve as a good example, others learn from them such qualities as responsibility, positive attitude to people, openness and goal-orientation. Ksusha Sukhareva encourages us with her optimism and positive attitude every day. One can always rely on her at work as well as in personal issues”.
Толстиков Максим

Maxim Tolstikov, ViVaki Russia, Digital Department specialist

In 2010 Maxim graduated from the MGTU, where he became a security engineer. For a year and a half after graduation Maxim tried to find a job which would satisfy his ambitions. However, he didn’t succeed, until one day the Center of Employment sent him to ViVaKi for an interview. All candidates there are usually asked to solve a difficult mathematical test, and Maxim scored 100%, which had never happened before. He drew the attention of the management, and taking into consideration his technical education and interest for working in the sphere of digital media, he was assigned to the Digital Department. Now Maxim is an assistant. He has passed his probation and plans to develop further. He plays chess professionally, is an active participant in corporate events and plans to organize a chess competition. “Maxim is a gifted specialist, and no one – neither customers, nor colleagues – have ever had a single complaint about him”, Marina Solovieva, Digital director ZenithOptimedia group, says. “In addition, he is an strikingly active, sociable and energetic person. Maxim gladly supports all team initiative and often acts as their initiator. It is a real pleasure to work in one team with him”.
Сидоров Юрий

Yury Sidorov, KMPG accountant

Elena Timakova, KMPG HR manager, Central Services Department, says: “Yury went through the assessment, through all the stages of interviews, on a non-preferential basis. He impressed us with his enthusiasm and his desire to work and develop professionally. Yury has worked with us for two years so far and we are certain we made the right decision. Yury has become a true member of the team; with help of his colleagues he has learned an accounting field which was new for him and now supervises it on his own. He has also mastered his English language knowledge”. That said the most important thing is that Yury has found not only an interesting job, but his love – several months ago Yury married his colleague in the accounting department. This is a story of true success, and we hope that there will be more of them in the company. Yury moves with the help of a wheelchair.
Осипов Дмитрий

Dmitry Osipov, “Vlasta – Daily Bread” packer

Dmitry had tried many different jobs, but work in the packaging department suited him best of all. He was taught to operate a bunching machine. After two months Dmitry started working without supervision. He is now a master of his duties and is able to travel to and from work on public transport. Dmitri has now worked as a packer for over a year. He has become friends with his colleagues and is closely integrated into the team. The management is very pleased to have him as an employee. Since his childhood Dmitry’s official diagnosis is “mental retardation”.
Григорьян Тигран

Tigran Grigorian, Clifford Chance lawyer

Tigran worked as a secretary in the Arbitration Court of Moscow. His ambition to work for Clifford Chance won him an internship to the position of attorney’s assistant. His colleagues were pleased to work with him and he gained a work place. Olga Grudinina, the head of Know How and Information department: “Not so long ago the colleagues could evaluate Tigran’s hobby. He is a chess master and during the recent New Year corporate event his chess classes were one of the most popular in our charity auction lot”. Tigran had infantile cerebral paralysis.
Мордасова Елена

Elena Mordasova, COLEMAN Services attorney assistant

As a result of the “The Way to a Career” competition Elena received an internship offer in COLEMAN Services. Alexander Vikhodzev, the company’s attorney: “Elena has showed her worth as a responsible specialist, who possesses profound knowledge in the field of jurisprudence. She has also showed her ability to apply her knowledge to practice and works efficiently in the team. After the internship Elena got a job offer for a position of an attorney assistant”. Elena has a musculoskeletal disorder.
Филаткина Татьяна

Tatiana Philatkina, DPD Russia attorney

As a result of the “The Way to a Career” competition Tatiana got a job offer from DPD Russia. She successfully went through the interview and in 2010 became a legal assistant there. Tamara P. Budnichenko, senior attorney: “We do not split our employees into those who are disabled and those who are not; for us the most important thing is that they are genuine experts in their fields. Tanya is one of them: during her two years’ work experience in the department she has achieved significant results in her profession”. Tatiana had infantile cerebral paralysis.
Полиевкт Пчелинцев

Polievkt Pchelintsev, junior manager of “Skolkovo” Microsoft Project

Polievkt successfully passed all stages of assessment and interviews and was recognized as a promising candidate. He started work for Microsoft at the beginning of 2012. Alexey Palladin, Microsoft managing director for the “Skolkovo” Fund: “Polievkt makes a great contribution to the future of the country, helping to build the Russian Silicon Valley – and he does it with professionalism, enthusiasm and energy. We are very glad to see Polievkt as a member of our team”. Polievkt was declared disabled in consequence of illness he suffered as a child.